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In a world of an abundance of information, where do we go to get reliable stock market news and news about the company that we invest in? Please be aware that not all news regarding the stock market is unbiased. Some are pure facts but many are opinions. Therefore, you need to know which is which.

Facts Vs Opinions

There are 2 kinds of stock market news that may grab your attention. The first one are pure facts. The second one is opinions by individuals or experts or columnists or financial writers. Pure facts usually appear as the headlines in the front page. They are news that come in as they happen and the freshest news will take center page. For example, Apple may be launching a new product and the CEO appears to introduce the product.

Opinions on the other hand are not entirely based on pure facts. They are a person's interpretation of the facts and how they see things. Many people are interested in opinions because some writers or experts can be very persuasive or they have a history of making correct observations which help people make money. When it comes to opinions, make sure that the person behind the opinion is reliable and has a good history of making sound judgments.

Bloomberg Website

Bloomberg is one of the popular places to get financial news which can impact your portfolio. The website is free and they update the news quite fast. They also offer their Bloomberg TV for free which you can watch on their website or through their App.

If you are an end of day trader, swing trader or position trader, the free version of this website is all you need. Same goes to investors because you can make your decisions without needing a real time news feed.

Bloomberg Terminal

For traders or investors who want special financial services and products and real time news, the Bloomberg Terminal is perhaps the best and most up to date financial product out there. I do not use it but many large institutions and firms subscribe to Bloomberg Terminal. The cost can be very expensive with the fee for one user to be around $20,000 per year. Bloomberg Terminal is regarded as the financial professional's Swiss Army Knife. You do not need it but if you have it, it certainly comes in handy.


CNBC is another very popular website that provides financial news that covers the US market and global markets. Together with Bloomberg, these two are one of the most popular websites for financial news. CNBC also has its own TV show. is a service that gives investors live market analysis and commentary. It is quite a popular site with investors and traders who use their service to find trading and investing opportunities. Some features are free but for the full suite of services, you need to pay a subscription fee.

Wall Street Journal

One cannot go without mentioning the famous Wall Street Journal when it comes to financial news provider. The WSJ provides financial news as well as opinions which may be helpful to investors and traders. The website is not entirely free though. You need to subscribe to it for the full features. is a very popular website for investors and traders. You can get financial news from this website and also many useful tools such as charts of many many companies around the world. I like using because I can easily find a chart of a stock from most countries.

How To Tackle The Massive Amount Of Financial News Out There

With a ton of websites that offer you free or paid services and financial news, you might be getting information overload. The problem is easily solved when you learn to only read the headlines from these websites. 

  • Read the headlines
  • Read the headlines
  • Read the headlines

If an articles interests you, then only spend some serious time reading the whole article. Sometimes by the end of the first paragraph, you might realize that reading the article would be a waste of time. Then just skim through the article and see if there is any golden nuggets of information there. If there is none, just move along to the next headline.

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