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With a ton of information out there, which are the stock market news you should pay attention to? Which are the ones you should ignore? If your time is precious, you should learn to sift the precious gems from weeds. It will safe you a lot of time and effort. Focus is the key to success in the stock market.

News About Your Stock

Basically any news regarding stocks that you are holding should be considered important to you. It may just be something trivial or it could be something important. Read the headlines and if you deem it important click on the link and skim through the article. The more shares that you hold the more attention you should give to the news regarding your stock. The good thing is major company news do not appear everyday. Maybe once a week unless your company is a hot company like Apple.

Some important news regarding your stock could be:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Rumors of CEO or management wanting to resign or being replaced
  • Declining sales
  • FDA approvals
  • Criminal breach of trust by management
  • Investigations into company by SEC or Government
  • Lawsuits
  • Large contracts or deals

Sector News

Not only do you need to know the news with regards to your stock, you need to know the news with regards to the sector your stock is in. For example, if you hold Apple stock, you should take note of the news about the Technology sector as a whole. You should also read some news about the Consumer Electronics sector which Apple is in. Sometimes you may catch some important information that may have an impact on your stock.

Earnings Of Your Stock And Important Stocks

One of the most important events with regards to a company is their earnings season. Usually the earnings date or conference call will be made known to investors very early. So if your company is going to announce earnings and schedule a conference call next Wednesday, do take some time to digest the earnings and news that come out of the conference calls. Read the articles about the earnings as well.

Important stocks like Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Google, JP Morgan etc etc have a big impact on a sector or even the entire market. For instance, if Apple report great earnings and gap up, the entire stock market will also go up. If Apple's earnings disappoints and the stock gaps down, you can be very sure that tech stocks and the entire market will go down in sympathy. Important stocks like Apple are bellwether for their sector or the economy. 

Management Selling Shares Or Buying Shares

When you hear news or rumors about management in a certain company sell shares or buy shares in a significant amount, you should start to pay serious attention. A CEO or CFO can buy or sell shares for any reason. Perhaps he or she wants to have some cash in hand so they sell some shares. That is usually alright and does not have any negative impact on the stock.

However, when you see a CEO sell $5 million worth of shares for no apparent reason and you know that the CEO's total worth of shares in the company is $8 million, you should take that as a red flag. On the other hand, if you find a CEO and other management start to accumulate shares in the company, you should also pay attention.

Management who put millions and millions of their own money into their company definitely knows something. They are at the forefront of their company and their industry and they probably foresee an improvement to their company in 6 months to a year's time.

Ignore Too Much News Unrelated To Your Sector Or Stock

Now for a piece of advice. The world today offers free information that are too much and unnecessary. We call that information overload. You do not want to fall into the trap because too much of something is not good. You do not need to read every single article in the financial newspapers. But you might want to practice this useful tip:

  • Read headlines
  • Read headlines
  • Read headlines

If a headline is related to your stock or sector and really spark your curiosity, then spend some time reading it. Otherwise you would most probably be wasting your precious time and confuse yourself with too much news.

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