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US Stock Market Analysis January 2020

In this page, you will find my analysis on the US stock market for the month of January 2020. I update it almost everyday. So do come back and press the refresh button for the latest analysis.

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Hi and Happy new year!

Welcome to the year 2020. Hopefully this year will be a good year for many of you, my readers.

2019 has been a superb year for the US stock market. Since it was a 3rd year of the Presidential cycle, 2019 live up to its past record and help the market to rise.

The 4th year of the Presidential cycle or what we call the election year is also quite a good year. But the performance is not as superb as the 3rd year. Anyway do expect some gains in the US market.

Well, perhaps this year might surprise us and give us better than average returns.

As you can see from the chart above, the 60 min chart of the S&P 500 is still in an uptrend.

Watch the rising 60 min 200 MA. The SPX is still above the rising 60 min 200 MA and therefore we should still maintain a bullish bias.

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