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Technical Analysis Of TMC Life Sciences Berhad

Technical outlook for TMC Life Sciences Berhad's stock price and stock chart.

25 November 2019 Monday

I shall begin with a look at the weekly chart of TMC Life. I do think that this stock is not a very good candidate for my readers.

The weekly chart above tells us that the stock is in a weekly downtrend. The green area is a support area and thus this helps to keep the stock afloat. However, this stock is still in a weekly downtrend and therefore I do not recommend trading or investing in this stock.

Unless the stock goes above the weekly downtrend line, it is not a very good candidate to invest in.

What you my readers should do is to find stocks that are in an uptrend. That in the long run will work best for most people.

The daily chart shows us that the stock is also in a daily downtrend.

Recently it might be forming a daily double bottom but I think it is a weak one. If the stock drops below the lows of the pattern then it could go lower. 

Note that the stock is below the declining 200 MA. That is something you do not ever want to see in a stock that you are holding.

So my advice would be to ignore this stock.

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