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Technical Analysis Of KLSE Stocks May 2017

Here is a list of klse stocks that I have analyzed for my friends in Malaysia for May 2017. Compiling them here for easy reference and for future reference and studies and so that others can learn from my silly mistakes LOL.  It's a great pleasure to analyze these stocks. Not an easy task because sometimes stocks don't behave the way one expects it and then it makes me look like a fool.

Anyway, for these past few months by analyzing Malaysian stocks I have learned a great deal about Malaysian stocks and the subtle differences between local KLSE stocks and other stocks around the world. I only touch US stocks but I found that technical principles still apply and is true whether it is Malaysian stocks, Singaporean stocks, Hongkie stocks, Japanese indexes or US stocks.

There will be lots of stocks here as I do more analysis. So to search for the stock press CTRL + F on your browser and input the stock name or date to search for it.

* I only look at the stocks from TA point of view. I don't know anything about FA.

*I have also listed some Malaysian stocks to take note of here

Some subtle differences between KLSE stocks and US stocks:

  • Daily uptrends in Malaysian stocks are cleaner and they tend to rise smoother than US stocks. Perhaps because of lack of short sellers.
  • Continuation patterns are more refined and easier to spot and follow through in KLSE stocks.
  • Ascending triangles, Triangles, Pennants and Boxes are easier to play in Malaysian stocks because its a bull market in long term weaknesses. Once they form they have actually absorbed supply on the left and it sends the stock higher at least for a week or two.
  • Its quite difficult to play 60 min patterns in KLSE stocks because of lack of liquidity but when they form in liquid stocks they are so perfect and beautiful you almost sit around without much worries.
  • Breakouts are slower, you still have the first 5 to 15 min when market opens and quick traders or investors can load up on them before they shoot up too fast. In US stocks some of them gap up real high even before it opens.
  • 90% of stocks are just too illiquid.

p.s. Thanks so much for everyone who ask me to analyze Malaysian stocks. Explaining things and doings analysis has helped me know so much about Malaysian stocks. The fastest way to learn is to share.

May 25 2017 Thursday

Hovid, Karyon

May 24 2017 Wednesday

Rexit (Can't help but think of BREXIT LoL), SamChem

May 23 2017

Ahmad Zaki Resources, Complete Logistics, VisDynamics and TA Enterprise

May 19 2017

Foundpac Group, Lion Industries, Bursa Malaysia, Mega First Corp, SAM Engineering, Moya Holdings Asia

May 18 2017

Malaysian Resources Corporation, Mudajaya, Kronologi, Lii Hen, Dufu, Heveaboard

May 17 2017

DRB Hicom, Gamuda, Salutica, HSS Engineers, FGVH, Gadang, MAHB

May 16 2017

IW City, Malton, Ekovest

May 11 2017

Ann Joo

May 10 2017

Prestar, Leadersteel, Boilerm, Padini

May 9 2017


May 8 2017

Focus Lumber, Malton, Pos Malaysia

May 5 2017

Penta, IQ Group

May 4 2017


May 3 2017

HSS Engineers

May 2 2017

TA Enterprise, LB Aluminium, Dagang Nexchange, FGVH

May 1 2017

Oceancash Pacific, Lion Industries, Gamuda Warrant

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