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KLCI Analysis January 2020

Here are the analysis that I do on the KLCI for the month of January 2020. I update them almost everyday so do come back and press the refresh button.

31 January 2020 Friday

29 January 2020 Wednesday

28 January 2020 Tuesday

27 January 2020 Monday

24 January 2020 Friday

23 January 2020 Thursday

22 January 2020 Wednesday

21 January 2020 Tuesday

20 January 2020 Monday

17 January 2020 Friday

16 January 2020 Thursday

14 January 2020 Tuesday

13 January 2020 Monday

10 January 2020 Friday

8 January 2020 Wednesday

7 January 2020 Tuesday

2 January 2020 Thursday

If you take a look at the 60 min chart above, you will see that the KLCI is a bit choppy at the moment. It has risen quite a bit since December 2019 which is the correct place to buy for a short term reversal.

Currently I do not see a nice continuation pattern in the KLCI. A continuation pattern is where the index has gone up a lot and you wait to see if a valid and nice continuation pattern forms before entering a stock or index.

It could be in the form of a triangle or box or ascending triangle or some type of consolidation before breaking out.

But right now as you can see, it is a bit choppy.

This is because of the 200 day moving average (which is not shown here). Take a look at the daily chart of the KLCI and you will realize that it is near the declining 200 day moving average. This act as a resistance and put in some fear into the minds of traders.

So, do expect some choppy and sideways trading before (if) the KLCI breaks out higher.

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